So, this is the thing: the business world is lousy with quality assurance or quality control minions who dedicate serious hours to make sure customers have the ultimate experience.

I’m sure those are some nice people. They all need to be reassigned.

Quality Judgment Engineers. QJE. New title, better descriptor.

Looks like I’ll be QJE 0001. Lemme know if you want your own badge.

The code of the QJE Brigade has nothing to do with making sure people have great experiences with products or services. Who cares?

The QJE Brigade is concerned simply with looking at things and calling crap, crap. We might have some ideas, sure, but let’s not get tied up looking to fix everything. We have Donald Trump for that, right?

Listen, I can hear your little fingers pounding on the keyboards typing out a variation of this sentence: We already have that, it’s called social media. You’re probably right. But, whatever. I needed to add something to this thing so I didn’t feel like I’m wasting dough on website hosting.

Who’s with me?