Last night, after watching the first night of the Republican National Convention, The Dummy’s alter ego posted this to his Facebook page:

“I want to be very clear about what I type next. And this is cribbed, probably, from something President Obama has said in the past. But I certainly DO NOT mean this in any partisan way. So, here goes:

I believe it is extremely important that the United States of America have at least two strong, unique political parties who offer us a choice based on the letter and spirit of the Constitution written lo so many years ago.

I grew up in a Republican household. Many of my family remain Republican. Many of them have abandoned the Republican party in favor of the Libertarian party. I found in 1988 that the Democratic party was more aligned with my beliefs, although there are still some tenets of the Republican party that I believe in.

Regardless. I am confused about this Republican Party. I am confused how the Party of Lincoln has changed this much. I am confused how a party that bills itself as “American” is eschewing so much of the American ideals of inclusion, liberty, and freedom. I am saddened when hear this rhetoric of fear, hate, and discrimination.

I am asking my Republican friends, if they are willing, to help me understand this. I ask this humbly only to understand.”

Just about 24 hours later there have been no responses from Republicans friends. There have been, though, a lot of Democrat friends wondering the same thing.

Will any of you answer the question?