You EDM fans should know who Pasquale Rotella is… I mean, he damn near created your movement with the Electric Daisy Carnival shows and the collection of happenings Insomniac (the company he founded years ago) produces throughout the year.

The Dummy had a chance to interview him for this new publication called Lineup.

Here’s the best question I got off…


The Dummy: So, I did a fair amount of reading about you to get ready for this call. Writers keep calling you “the most powerful man in EDM.” What are the perks of that? Can you get a drone?

Rotella: Oh, man. [Laughs] I’ve never been asked that question. I used to be behind the scenes a lot. I wasn’t really a public figure and I’m still not, with the exception of in the dance world. It’s a different experience for me to attend an event and walk through the crowd [now]. That’s the thing of being labeled as that and getting media coverage in the past three to five years, it’s different socially for me at the events. But, the work is still the same. [Laughs] No one is handing things to me when it comes to producing events and stuff like that, but it’s nice to be taken care of when you show up places. There are still the same challenges, along with some new ones, with the growth of the business.

You can read the whole interview by clicking here … It’s pretty good, if I do say so meself.