One of the best corporate gigs I EVER had was writing the Production Notes for the film “Red Tails.”

The film was a bit meh, but the people involved were amazing. Really. In no particular order, the ones I remember best: Andre Royo, David Oyelowo (while he was on the set of “Lincoln”), Anthony Hemingway, Nate Parker… Most importantly, I got to speak with and learn from one of the original’s Roscoe Brown. I will post that interview shortly.

Another one of the guys I interviewed was Michael B. Jordan, who would leapfrog from that great t.v. show “Parenthood” to “Red Tails” to the amazing things he’s doing now.

You know, here it doesn't look half bad. On the show, though.... Yikes.

You know, here it doesn’t look half bad. On the show, though…. Yikes.

Michael played “Alex” on the show. One of the story arcs during the 2011 was his relationship with Haddie Braverman, played by the lovely Sarah Ramos. At some point, Haddie got herself a perm. A bad one.

This question comes shortly after the episode where the two break up. It may be one of the best questions I’ve ever asked a celebrity in my career.

DUMMY: Did you break up with Haddie because of her bad haircut this season?

MICHAEL: Oh man. Wait. What did you say? (Laughs) I think the phone broke up. All I heard was haircut. Everything else was messed up. (Laughs) I had nothing to do with that haircut. (Laughs) She hated it too, by the way. She kicked and screamed the entire time. That was a producer decision.

D: It was troubling, Michael, that’s what it was…

M: It was a distraction. (Laughs)

And then I let him off the hook. He was a good sport.