One of the great things about being a fan — of anything, I suppose, but for this it’s about sports — is the community of people that band together to cheer or curse, laugh or cry, when their team (or athlete) does the improbable or the inane.

Before Al Gore invented the Internet, people used to find that community at games or by happenstance — walking down the street seeing some other knucklehead with a jersey or cap of the team you love. These days, we can find community on the inter webs, on message boards and online forums.

A handful of years ago I stumbled into Dodger Thoughts, which for a northern California locked fan of the Dodgers was an oasis of goodness. The people there were friendly. They were knowledgable. They challenged each other in good ways. It was great. Then Jon, the fearless leader, got a gig working for the Dodgers, running their blog. It’s great, too, but there isn’t a community there yet.
So, I looked around until I finally found True Blue LA. It’s a lively bunch. Opinionated. TBLA has an impressive list of characters. I’ve jumped in here or there, but watching the banter is like sitting on the other side of the bar on Cheers. You can see and hear everything going on, but you don’t get any camera time.

One of the characters that I’ve been reading is this cat Zach from Boise. Now, it being the Internet and all, I’m not sure if his name is really Zach and if he’s really from Boise. Kidding. Zach’s had a deal in his bio line about organ donors. I figured he might have had a family member that was helped through organ donation or he himself got a donation. I mean, though it runs contrary to the name, in real life I’m not a dummy.

Turns out Zach is on the list to get a donation and the dude needs a hand. You can read about it by clicking here.

I’m about to send him $25 via PayPal. Why? Because we’re in a community … And while we met because we’re both fans of the Dodgers, I’m actually donating because this is a human being in need of some help that I just happen to be able to offer. I wish him the best. Odds are I’ll never meet him, but we’re on this planet together and we’re pulling for a Blue October together, and from what I’ve read about him from others, it sounds like he’d do the same for me.

If you can, please head over to his GoFundMe Campaign by clicking here or send him something at

Thanks for reading.